Lockdown Book Club

Lockdown Book Club

Here we are. Seven months after a certain virus turned our lives upside down we are now facing a second lockdown.

Some of you may have used the last few months to reboot and reinvent your business, launch new products, reposition your services. 

And then there is marketing. Once the second lockdown was announced in England I knew I had to do something to keep up the momentum going and help us to continue working on our business.

The Lockdown2 Book Club

4 weeks, 4 books. I selected four marketing books on topics that I know a lot of business owners get stuck sometimes. There is also a specific sequence to the books so that after the 4-week period you will have completed a mini marketing session that done a lot of ground work on promoting your business. 

This is how it works. Every week you will get the details of the recommended marketing book. 

Every Sunday in November at 5pm we will meet over on Zoom with a glass of wine and discuss the book for 30 mins. 

Are you in? Register below

Book 1 w/c 9th November 2020

Book 2 w/c 16th November 2020Book 3

w/c 23rd November 2020

Book 4 w/c 30th November 2020

Summary session w/c 7th December 2020



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