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If you are at the beginning of your journey on LinkedIn and are looking to create a compelling profile and build momentum then join my 7 Day LinkedIn Challenge – and help a young person in the developing world lead a better life through the gift of books. 

Your profile is the foundation of your LinkedIn presence. Yet a lot of the profiles I review are not utilising all the features available, sometimes they lack focus and leave their visitors underwhelmed. 

Who is it for?

This challenge is for you if you are a busy executive, action-driven professional and solopreneur who is keen to get cracking on LinkedIn. You already have a profile and you know roughly how to find your way around the platform. Your profile may be “OK” but deep down you know it could be better. 

You are going places but your profile has been left behind. Time to do something about it!

What you get?

I will kick-start the challenge by doing a couple of live profile reviews so that you understand what your visitors are looking for and how they are assessing your profile. 

Then, every day of the 7-Day Challenge you will receive an email with a clear action for you deliver. This will take about 15-20 mins per day; it gets faster once you are used to the platform and the activity. So, you have to commit to this small amount of time in your diary and do the work. 

At the end, we will have a Q&A session on WhatsApp where you can ask me anything. 

Are you in?

For a token fee of £1 per day you I will show how to build a compelling profile. And by taking action today you will also be helping build libraries in the developing world and make a real impact in young people’s lives with the power of books. I support Book Aid International and you can read a bit more about this here

See you on the other side.


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